DVD Studio Pro - Having Audio Automatically Follow the Video

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Having Audio Automatically Follow the Video

If you drag a motion video asset by itself to the Menu Editor and choose an option from
the Drop Palette that supports audio, DVD Studio Pro checks to see if there is an audio
asset in the same folder with the same basic name as the video asset. If the option does
support audio (such as creating a track or setting a menu’s background), and an audio
file is not already assigned to the target element, DVD Studio Pro can automatically add
the audio asset to the element, depending on the “Find matching audio when dragging”
setting in the Track pane of DVD Studio Pro Preferences.

Note: You can override the “Find matching audio when dragging” preferences setting
by pressing the Command key after you start dragging the video asset.


Chapter 12

Introduction to Creating Menus

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If you drag a QuickTime movie, from a Finder window or the Video tab in the Palette,
that contains both video and audio to the Menu Editor, it is treated as if it were a
video/audio pair, with both the video and audio being added to the element.