DVD Studio Pro - Dragging Assets to the Menu Editor

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Dragging Assets to the Menu Editor

One way to add an asset to a menu is to drag the asset to the Menu Editor, and then use
the Drop Palette to assign the asset a function. You can drag the asset from the Assets
tab, the Palette, or from the Finder. You can also drag tracks, menus, and slideshows from
the Outline or Graphical tab. When you drag an asset, the Drop Palette appears after a
short delay to let you choose what function the asset will serve. For example, if you drag
a still graphic, the menu may offer the options of using it as a background, an overlay,
or a button.

The top item in the Drop Palette is the default function. If you drag an asset or element
to the Menu Editor and release it before the Drop Palette appears, the default function
is applied.