DVD Studio Pro - About the First Marker Button in a Chapter Index Menu

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About the First Marker Button in a Chapter Index Menu

DVD Studio Pro automatically adds the first marker to all tracks. It is named “Start” when
the track is created by dragging a video asset to the Menu Editor. (When the asset is
dragged to the Track Editor, the name is based on the marker naming settings in the
Track pane of DVD Studio Pro Preferences.) When you create a chapter index menu, the
first button linked to a marker is linked to the “Start” marker set by DVD Studio Pro.

Because this marker is at the start of the track, pressing this button plays the track from
its beginning. If the marker names appear on your chapter index menu’s buttons, you
may want to edit this button’s text to better describe its function.


Chapter 12

Introduction to Creating Menus

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Standard menus provide the most flexibility when you create menus. You can choose to
use static or full-motion backgrounds, audio, text objects, and drop zones.

This chapter covers the following:

About Standard Menus

(p. 242)

Choosing the Menu’s Background

(p. 243)

Choosing the Menu’s Overlay

(p. 246)

Understanding Color Mapping

(p. 248)

Configuring the Menu Inspector for Standard Menus

(p. 256)

Adding Buttons to Your Menu

(p. 265)

Configuring Button Navigation

(p. 281)

Adding Drop Zones to Your Menu

(p. 285)

Working with Assets in Buttons and Drop Zones

(p. 288)

Adding Text Objects to a Menu

(p. 288)

Adding Audio to a Menu

(p. 291)

Configuring the Menu’s Drop Shadow Settings

(p. 292)

Configuring Motion Menu Settings

(p. 293)

Options in the Drop Palette for Standard Menus

(p. 296)

Drop Palette for Standard Menus—Dragging Assets

(p. 296)

Drop Palette for Standard Menus—Dragging Project Elements

(p. 304)

Drop Palette for Standard Menus—Dragging Templates and Styles

(p. 309)