DVD Studio Pro - Using Menu Guides

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Using Menu Guides

You can create horizontal and vertical guides to assist you while creating your menu. The
guides are useful when lining up buttons or text on a menu. You can create as many
guides as you need, reposition them, and remove them. The guides include a snapping
feature that makes it easy to position menu items.

The Alignment pane in DVD Studio Pro Preferences contains configuration settings for
the guides. These settings include whether the guides are shown and their color. See

Alignment Preferences

for details on setting the guide’s preferences.

To create a guide


Place the pointer over the top or left ruler, then drag into the Menu Editor.

Note: The rulers must be visible before you can add guides to the Menu Editor.

To reposition a guide


Drag the guide where you want it.

To hide or show previously created guides
Do one of the following:


Click the Guides button on the Menu Editor.

Shows and hides the
menu guides.


Press Command-Semicolon (;).

To temporarily disable snapping to the guides while moving an item


Press Command while dragging the item. This also disables the dynamic guides discussed
in the next section,

Using Dynamic Guides


To remove a guide


Drag the guide back to the ruler.

Note: Like button outlines, guides are not included when you build your project, so it is
not necessary for you to remove them when you are done.


Chapter 12

Introduction to Creating Menus