DVD Studio Pro - About the Menu Editor

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About the Menu Editor

The Menu Editor is contained in the Menu tab. It displays the menu graphics in either a
4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio (depending on what is set in the Menu tab in the Menu Inspector).
There are also several buttons and pop-up menus that let you select what appears in the
editor and provide tools that help with the menu creation process.

Menu Editor tools

Drag the Menu Editor
rulers to create guides.

Click this to hide
and show the
Menu Editor tools.

Choose a menu
to configure.

Open this pop-up
menu to choose
a menu language.

Open to configure
additional Menu Editor

The Menu Editor scales the menu to fit within its quadrant. As you make the quadrant
larger, the menu also increases up to the point that it reaches full size, when it stops
growing and the extra area around it is filled with gray. When working with the larger
HD resolutions, however, you may find it difficult to increase the quadrant’s size enough
to show the menu at full size. One option is to tear off the Menu tab into its own window,
which you can then resize without affecting the rest of the DVD Studio Pro interface. See

Tearing Off a Tab into Its Own Window

for more information.