DVD Studio Pro - Refreshing Still and QuickTime Assets

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Refreshing Still and QuickTime Assets

It is possible, during the course of creating your project, that you will need to update a
still or QuickTime asset. DVD Studio Pro includes both an automatic and a manual asset
refresh capability to make it easier to use updated versions of your still and QuickTime


An alert appears when updated assets have been detected, and the Encode

view of the Log tab lists specific elements that use those assets. It is important to verify
that each of these elements function correctly.

All still and QuickTime assets are automatically refreshed any time you bring
DVD Studio Pro to the foreground on your computer. For example, if you are working in
DVD Studio Pro and switch to a graphics program to update a still or QuickTime asset
used in the current project, the asset refreshes as soon as you switch back to
DVD Studio Pro.


If the Simulator is active when assets are refreshed, you must close it and

restart it for the refreshed assets to appear correctly in it.

You can also manually refresh selected assets.

To manually refresh selected assets
Do one of the following:


Choose File > Asset > Refresh.


Control-click the asset to be refreshed in the Assets tab, then choose Refresh from the
shortcut menu.

Manually refreshing still and QuickTime assets is useful when you are updating them
using a networked computer.

Note: You cannot refresh MPEG motion assets.