DVD Studio Pro - Previewing Assets

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Previewing Assets

You can display an asset in the Viewer tab or listen to its audio.


Chapter 11

Importing and Managing Assets

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To preview an asset


Select the asset in the Assets tab.


Preview the asset by doing one of the following:

• Choose File > Asset > Preview (or press the Space bar).

• Control-click the asset, then choose Preview from the shortcut menu.

• Double-click the asset.

Preview controls

You can use the controls in the Viewer tab to pause and stop playback.

QuickTime video assets preview in their native format, even if they have been encoded
with the integrated MPEG encoder. To preview the MPEG-encoded version of the
QuickTime asset, you must add the asset to a track and preview it from the Track Editor.

The Settings pop-up menu contains several settings that control what you see in the
Viewer tab.

Title Safe Area and Action Safe Area: These settings turn on a shaded area around the

outside edge of the menu, indicating portions of the menu that may not be viewable
on most consumer monitors. Placing buttons or text in these shaded areas can be risky
and should be avoided. There are two safe areas: title and action. The title safe area is
more constricted and should be observed for items that must be seen by the viewer.
All text and buttons should be within this area. The action safe area is closer to the
menu edges and is considered a boundary for items that you would like the viewer to
see but that are not required. You can also press Command-E to show or hide the title
safe area and Command-Option-E to show or hide the action safe area.


Chapter 11

Importing and Managing Assets

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Square Pixels and Rectangular Pixels: You can choose to switch between viewing assets

with square pixels or scaled to the video aspect ratio (either 4:3 or 16:9). See

Understanding Pixel Differences in Graphics and Video

for more information. You can

also press P to toggle the pixel display type.

Show Single Field: This setting optimizes playback when using field-based video sources.

This is especially important with video that has fast motion because it will reduce the
motion artifacts. However, selecting Show Single Field with frame-based video sources
results in reduced resolution (edges may appear jagged). This setting only affects how
the assets appear in the Viewer and does not change the actual assets themselves.

Note: Anamorphic still assets will preview as 4:3 assets.