DVD Studio Pro - Should You Remove the Original QuickTime Files?

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Should You Remove the Original QuickTime Files?

When you import motion assets that are not DVD-compliant, the integrated MPEG and
AIFF encoders create the files (video and audio) required by the DVD-Video specification.
To free up hard disk space, you may decide to remove the original files.

Even after the encoders have created the new DVD-compliant files, DVD Studio Pro
continues to keep track of the original files. The advantage of this is that you can reencode
the files if you decide later to use a different bit rate or encoding mode. For example, you
might find that, after the initial encoding, the MPEG-2 video looks great but is a larger
file than you planned for. You can decide to re-encode using a lower bit rate and use the
slower but higher quality two-pass VBR option.

Additionally, if you convert an SD project to an HD project, HD assets imported as
QuickTime files can be encoded to HD MPEG-2.

If you decide to remove the original file, DVD Studio Pro notices it is missing and presents
you with the Missing Files window. If you then click “Replace with encoded file,” the
original file will no longer be associated with the project, and DVD Studio Pro will no
longer try to find it. See

Missing or Renamed Assets

for more information. You also will

no longer be able to re-encode the asset.


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Importing and Managing Assets