DVD Studio Pro - Asset Inspector

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Asset Inspector

When you select an asset in the Assets tab, the Asset Inspector appears.

The Asset Inspector shows general information about the selected asset. The only
information you can edit is the asset’s name as it appears in DVD Studio Pro.

Video assets include a thumbnail image and a scrubber so you can scrub through the
video. Still assets also include a thumbnail image.


Chapter 11

Importing and Managing Assets

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Menus are the backbone of your project. To ensure a positive experience for the viewer,
it’s important to create menus that provide logical navigation and a consistent experience.

This chapter covers the following:

About Menus

(p. 219)

About the Menu Editor

(p. 224)

Starting and Working with a Menu

(p. 231)

About Menus

Menus provide the buttons that the person viewing a DVD uses to configure the disc’s
playback and to choose the tracks and slideshows that supply the DVD’s content. DVD
menus are made up of a background, which can be a still image or a full-motion movie,
and buttons. For the most part, the elements that make up a menu are created outside
of DVD Studio Pro. You use DVD Studio Pro to combine these elements into a complete
menu and assign actions to the buttons. See

Preparing Menu Assets

for details on creating

the graphics used in your menus.

DVD Studio Pro includes templates and styles that can make it easier to create menus.
You can use the supplied templates and styles to quickly create your menus, or you can
create your own templates and styles. Using templates and styles lets you apply a
standardized look to your menus for all of your projects—for example, to maintain a
corporate image. See

Using Templates, Styles, and Shapes to Create Your Menus

for more


Before you create your menus, you need to understand the two different methods used
to create menus in DVD Studio Pro, and be aware of special considerations for menus
with a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you are authoring HD projects, you also need to be aware of
special issues when creating HD menus.

In DVD Studio Pro, you can create menus using either a standard, or overlay method, or
a layered method. You can use menus created with both methods in a project, so you
can use the method best suited to each individual menu.