DVD Studio Pro - Scrolling Through the Assets List

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Scrolling Through the Assets List

Once you have added a number of assets to your project, DVD Studio Pro provides a
variety of methods for scrolling through them.

To scroll through a list of assets
Do one of the following:


Drag the scroller located on the right edge of the Assets tab. Hold down the Option key
to scroll slowly through the list (useful with long lists).


Press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to scroll through one asset at a time.


Press Option–Up Arrow to jump to the first asset in the list.


Press Option–Down Arrow to jump to the last asset in the list.


Press the Page Up and Page Down keys or hold down the Option key while clicking the
scroller’s arrows to scroll through the list one page at a time.

Importing Assets

DVD Studio Pro provides several methods for importing assets into a project.

Using the Import Asset feature: You can click the Import Asset icon in the toolbar, click

the Import button in the Assets tab, or use a shortcut menu in the Assets tab to import
assets directly into the Assets tab.

Dragging assets to the Assets tab: You can drag assets from the media tabs in the Palette

or a Finder window to the Assets tab.

Dragging assets directly to project elements: You can drag assets directly to the Menu

Editor, Track Editor, and several other elements in your DVD Studio Pro project. These
assets are also automatically added to the Assets tab.


Media Tabs

for information on using the Audio, Stills, and Video tabs in the Palette.

Note: To help organize your assets, it’s a good idea to create folders in the Assets tab
before you import your assets, although you can create folders and move assets into
them at any time.