DVD Studio Pro - Creating the Basic Project

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Creating the Basic Project

You follow three primary steps to create this project:

Stage 1:

Creating the Track and Adding Chapter Markers to It

The chapter markers define the sections that you can use for your stories. You can manually
add the markers in DVD Studio Pro, import the chapter markers you added in Final Cut Pro
or Final Cut Express, or import chapter markers from a text file.

Stage 2:

Creating and Configuring the Stories

For this project, you create a story for each individually playable section of the movie.
Each story contains one chapter marker to define the section of the movie to play. Each
story also has an End Jump setting that takes the viewer back to the menu.

Stage 3:

Creating and Configuring the Menus

Once you have the stories defined, you can create the one or more menus needed to
access them.


Chapter 3

How Do You Do That?