DVD Studio Pro - Simulating with an External Video and Audio Monitor

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Simulating with an External Video and Audio Monitor

When you author a DVD, it can be important to see the video and hear the audio with
devices that closely match those that the viewer is expected to use. Being able to do this
while simulating your project allows you to verify the video and audio prior to burning
a test DVD. In particular:

• You see the true color based on the DVD specification’s YUV values instead of a

computer monitor’s RGB values.

• You see the actual pixel aspect ratios. To display 4:3 or 16:9 video on a computer monitor

requires the pixels to be scaled, which can create or hide issues in the video.


External Video and Audio Monitoring

for information on connecting external monitors.


Simulator Preferences

for information on Simulator settings.

When using an external video monitor, keep the following in mind:

• The external video monitor is only used during simulation.

• When using an external video monitor, the Simulator window on your computer is


• You cannot use the pointer to click buttons on the external monitor. You must control

the simulation by using the Simulator window’s controls.


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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• Depending on your system and the video being simulated, frames may be skipped

during playback to maintain synchronized playback with the audio.