DVD Studio Pro - Playback Controls

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Playback Controls

The playback controls are similar to those found on DVD player remote controls.


Chapter Skip Forward


Navigation controls

Track Skip Forward

Track Skip Reverse

Chapter Skip Reverse



Menu: Jumps to the element assigned to the Menu button. The assignment can be

different for each track, story, marker, and slideshow.

Title: Jumps to the element assigned to the Title button.

Play/Pause: Alternately pauses, then plays the track or motion menu.

Stop: Stops playback of the project. The jacket picture appears if you have assigned

one to your project. See

About Jacket Pictures

for more information. Click First Play to

restart playback.

Track Skip Reverse and Track Skip Forward: To the left and right of the Play/Pause button

and Stop button, these buttons skip to the beginning or end of a track, allowing you
to test pre-scripts, display conditions, and End Jump settings.

Navigation controls: Allow you to navigate through the menus as you would with the

arrow buttons on a remote control. (You can also use the pointer and click the menu
buttons directly.) Press the center button to activate the currently selected button.

Chapter Skip Reverse and Chapter Skip Forward: Skip to the previous or next chapter

marker or still while playing a track or slideshow.


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project