DVD Studio Pro - Information Drawer

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Information Drawer

You can click the Info button or press Shift-I to open the information drawer. The drawer
can open on any side of the Simulator, depending on the Simulator’s position. (You can
press Shift-Option-I to have it open on a different edge.) The information drawer changes
to match the current element type (menu, track, story, and so on). The Item Properties
section shows information specific to that element; you cannot enter information into it.
The Registers section shows the status of either the SPRMs or GPRMs. You can choose
which to see by selecting the relevant checkbox. You can also choose to see the values
in hexadecimal. You can double-click a value to enter a new value into it if you want to
verify how your project operates under specific DVD player conditions. You can also enter
a new name for any of the GPRMs.