DVD Studio Pro - Region/Copyright Tab in the Disc Inspector

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Region/Copyright Tab in the Disc Inspector

The only setting in the Region/Copyright tab that you must set before building a project
is the Macrovision setting.

Playable Region Codes: Select the checkbox next to the regions in which you want to

be able to play the disc (all are enabled by default). All DVD players (standalone and
computer) must be assigned a region code. This code divides the world into six regions,
with an additional region for discs played on airplanes. These region codes allow you
to have some control over where a disc can be played.

So that you can easily emulate on any DVD player the VIDEO_TS or HVDVD_TS folder
created by the build process, the folder defaults to having all regions enabled (except
“7-Reserved”). Region code settings are applied during the formatting process.


If you change the region code settings and burn a DVD using general media,

some DVD players that should be prevented from playing it will play the disc. This issue
does not occur with replicated discs originating from either general or authoring media.
Additionally, you must have at least one playable region selected.


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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Copyright Management: Select the checkbox to enable either digital-based or

analog-based (Macrovision) copyright protection of the disc. Selecting this checkbox
enables the Copy Generation setting.

Note: This setting affects the number of bytes in each sector of the disc. With copyright
management disabled, each sector has 2048 bytes. With copyright management
enabled, each sector has 2054 bytes.

Copyright Generation: This pop-up menu specifies whether copies are allowed.

Copying Permitted: The disc is not protected against copying. The Format for CSS

checkbox and Macrovision pop-up menu are disabled. The only difference between
this setting and leaving the Copyright Management checkbox unselected is the
number of bytes in the sectors.

One Copy Permitted: Allows users to make a copy of the disc, but no additional copies

from that copied disc (the Copy Generation status of the copied disc switches to No
Copy Permitted). You can make as many copies as you want from the original disc;
you just can’t make more copies from the copies of the original. The Format for CSS
checkbox and Macrovision pop-up menu are disabled.

No Copy Permitted: Enables the Format for CSS checkbox and Macrovision pop-up

menu so that you can choose the type of copy protection to use.

Format for CSS: Available in SD DVD projects only. Only available when Copy Generation

is set to No Copy Permitted. The Content Scrambling System (CSS) provides digital-based
copyright protection. Selecting Format for CSS alerts the replication facility to apply
CSS encryption to the disc (if it is licensed and authorized to do so).

Macrovision: Available in SD DVD projects only. This must be set before you create the

VIDEO_TS folder in the build process. Macrovision provides analog-based copyright
protection. See

About the Macrovision Settings

for more information.


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project