DVD Studio Pro - Advanced Tab in the Disc Inspector

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Advanced Tab in the Disc Inspector

All of the settings in the Disc Inspector’s Advanced tab must be set before you build a
project. These settings apply to specialized features used on advanced projects.

Embed Text Data: This checkbox is automatically selected if you use the DVD@CCESS

feature within your project. You can also select it if you want to add the names you
assigned to the tracks, slideshows, and menus to the DVD disc. This text can be displayed
on DVD players designed to support the Text Display extensions of the DVD-Video
specification (version 1.1).

Language: If the Embed Text Data checkbox is selected, you can identify the language

in which the text names will appear. Choose Not Specified to have the text appear
regardless of the DVD player’s language setting.

Additional Remote Controls: You can set the Angle, Chapter, Audio, and Subtitle menu

remote control settings, which correspond to a DVD player’s remote control buttons.
These links can make it convenient for viewers to access DVD menus that allow them
to select audio and subtitle options, an angle, or a chapter. However, be sure to design
your title with other ways to reach these DVD menus, because very few remote controls
offer these buttons.


Do not confuse these buttons with the Audio, Subtitle, and Angle selection

buttons commonly found on remote controls—these buttons do not access a menu,
and instead directly change the settings.


Remote Control Settings

for details on setting these buttons.

GPRM Variable Names: You can configure the partitions and enter names for the eight

GPRMs used when creating scripts. Once you create a script, you can also enter these
names in the Script Inspector or the Simulator. See

General Purpose Register Memories

for information on using GPRMs in your scripts.


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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Jacket Picture: You can choose a graphic to use as the jacket picture for this DVD. See

About Jacket Pictures

for more information.