DVD Studio Pro - Setting Disc Properties

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Setting Disc Properties

The Disc Inspector contains settings that affect your DVD title. Some settings, such as the
disc’s name, its First Play action, and the video standard, can be set early in the project
creation process. You do not have to make other settings until you are ready to burn a
DVD, write to a Digital Linear Tape (DLT) drive, or write to a hard disk.

The top of the Disc Inspector and its General and Advanced tabs contain settings that
affect the title’s playback. All of these settings (except the disc name and DVD-ROM
settings) must be set before you build your project. You must also set the Macrovision
setting in the Region/Copyright tab.

The remaining settings affect the format process. You can set them at any time, even
after you start the format process.

To open the Disc Inspector


Select the disc’s name in the Outline tab or click an empty area in the Graphical tab.