DVD Studio Pro - Options for Testing Your Project

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Options for Testing Your Project

There are three methods you can use to test your project: using the DVD Studio Pro
preview and simulation features, and playing the title on a DVD player (emulating your

Previewing your project’s elements: The DVD Studio Pro preview feature provides a way

to view single elements, such as a track. Preview does not allow you to check how one
element works with others in the project. For example, you cannot use it to verify a
connection from a menu to a track. See

Viewing a Track


Previewing a Slideshow

for more information.

Simulating your project: The DVD Studio Pro simulation feature is a relatively

comprehensive way to test most aspects of a project, with the primary focus on verifying
connections. The Simulator works a lot like a DVD player that plays the project before
it’s built into a video title set. It allows you to test most connections, including First
Play, and provides the functions of a DVD player remote control. It also provides a
complete display of the contents of the System Parameter Register Memories (SPRMs)
and General Purpose Register Memories (GPRMs), making it possible to verify many

You can also configure your system to simulate the project using an external video and
audio monitor. This makes it possible to see the project as most viewers will, with actual
pixel aspect ratios, colors, and if applicable, interlacing. See