DVD Studio Pro - The Cutting Master Format

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The Cutting Master Format

There are some features of the DVD specification that you cannot include on red laser
DVD-R discs that you burn with your system. These features, which must be added by a
replication facility, include:

• Copyright management (including CSS and Macrovision)

• Double-sided disc information


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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Traditionally, the only way to include these features on your replicated disc was to use a
DLT drive. The Cutting Master Format (CMF) has been adapted to the DVD-R format so
that now you can burn a DVD-R disc on your system and a replication facility can use that
disc and include these features on the discs they make. CMF for DVD-R is only supported
by authoring drives and media.

Not all replication facilities support CMF discs; be sure to check with them ahead of time.
Also, discs formatted as CMF may not play correctly on all DVD players. Only use CMF
when supplying a disc to a replication facility.


Only a replicator can create DVDs with copyright management features. Using

CMF discs allows you to format the data properly so that the replicator can add the
copyright information.