DVD Studio Pro - DVD-R Drives

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DVD-R Drives

With respect to formatting, DVD drives can be one of two types:

Authoring: These drives use authoring media and are capable of writing Cutting Master

Format (CMF) discs, which provide advanced features when working with a replicator.
The most common authoring drive used is the Pioneer S201. With an authoring drive,
you can set the Output Format to either Standard or CMF. See

The Cutting Master


for more information on CMF discs.

General: These drives use general media and cannot write CMF discs. The Apple

SuperDrive is the most common drive used for writing general media discs. Depending
on your system, the SuperDrive is listed in the Output Device pop-up menu as a Pioneer
DVR-103, a Pioneer DVR-104, a Pioneer DVR-105, or a Matshita UJ-815.

Note: The list of drives used as SuperDrives will continue to change as newer drives
become available.