DVD Studio Pro - Non-Standard SD DVD Video Zone Files

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Non-Standard SD DVD Video Zone Files

As part of the build process, DVD Studio Pro creates two additional files in the VIDEO_TS
folder. The format process does not include these files in its final output.

A .layout file: This file uses the disc name and a “.layout” extension. The file contains

project information used by the format process, including the marker information used
when creating dual-layer discs.

A VOB_DATA.LAY file: This file is used for incremental builds when you choose to reuse

files in the VIDEO_TS folder left from a previous build for a new build.

Note: The .layout filename must match the disc name for an incremental build to work.

Incremental Builds

for more information.

If you intend to manually copy the VIDEO_TS folder to a disc (bypassing the DVD Studio Pro
format process), you should be sure not to copy the above files to the disc. Most DVD
players ignore them if they are present in the VIDEO_TS folder on the final disc, but some
are unable to play the disc.


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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Additionally, if you have not saved your project before you build it, a folder is added to
the VIDEO_TS folder named Render Data. This folder contains rendered versions of any
motion menus in your project, and is normally in your project’s bundle file. See



for more information on rendered menu files.