DVD Studio Pro - The Build Files for SD Projects

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The Build Files for SD Projects

Once the build for your SD project starts, DVD Studio Pro creates two folders at the location
you specified: an AUDIO_TS folder and a VIDEO_TS folder. Additionally, a third folder,
JACKET_P, is created if you have assigned a jacket picture graphic.

The AUDIO_TS folder is used by systems authoring DVD-Audio titles. To meet the DVD
specification requirements, DVD Studio Pro creates the folder and leaves it empty. The
empty folder is included in the format process.

The JACKET_P folder contains three resolutions of the graphic assigned as the jacket
picture. See

About Jacket Pictures

for more information.

The VIDEO_TS folder contains all of the DVD-Video files for your project, and is placed in
the video zone. The naming and structure contents of the VIDEO_TS folder are tightly
regulated. All SD DVD titles use the same filenames and structure their contents in the
same way.

Video manager files

Track 1 content group

Non-standard file used
for formatting

Non-standard file used
for formatting