DVD Studio Pro - Standard HD DVD Video Zone Files

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Standard HD DVD Video Zone Files

The following groups of files are present in all HD DVD-Video titles.

Video Manager Group
The video manager files contain much of the navigation information for the title.

HV000I01.IFO: Contains the major information for the disc, such as its capacity and

video zone structure.


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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HV000I01.BUP: This is a backup of the .IFO file that can be used by the DVD player if

the .IFO file cannot be read.

HV000M02.EVO: This is the enhanced video objects file for the video manager.

Note: The file HV000M01.EVO is not used by DVD Studio Pro.

Track Content Group
A set of at least four files is created for each track and slideshow in the project. “HV001I,”
“HV001M,” and “HV001T” in the following filename examples refer to the first VTS block.
Files for the second VTS block would start with “HV002I,” “HV002M,” and “HV002T.” You
can have up to 99 tracks, stories, and slideshows in a project.

Note: While stories do not get placed in their own VTS block, they still count against the
99 VTS limit.

Enhanced video object (EVO) files contain the actual video, audio, and subtitle content
for the menus and tracks. Within each track content group there are at least two EVO
files—one that is dedicated to menu content and another (up to 99 more) with the track’s

HV001I01.IFO: Contains the major information for the first track, such as the number

and types of streams and menus.

HV001I01.BUP: This is the backup for the .IFO file.

HV001M01.EVO: Contains the video and audio content for the menus. The properties

of the audio and video used in the menus within an EVO must be the same. If your
project has menus using different properties, they are placed in other VTS blocks
(HV002M01.EVO, for example). See

VTS Editor

for more information on menus and VTS


HV001T01.EVO: Contains the video and audio content for the track. If the content is

greater than 1 GB, a second file is created for that additional content. Up to 99 additional
files can be created if required to hold the track’s contents. The last two digits of the
filename increment as additional files are created. For example, the first 1 GB would be
in HV001T01.EVO, the second 1 GB would be in HV001T02.EVO, and so on.