DVD Studio Pro - Building the Project

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Building the Project

Once you have set the prebuild disc properties, you can build your project. Depending
on the size of your project and the speed of your computer and disk drives, this process
can take several hours to finish.

To build your project


Do one of the following:

• Click Build in the toolbar.

Note: To format the project immediately after building it, click Build/Format. See


the Build/Format Command

for more information.

• Press Command-Option-C.


Select the drive and folder to build to in the dialog that appears, then click Open.

The build process begins and a progress bar appears that shows the element names
currently being compiled. If the selected folder already has a folder of the same type it
is generating (VIDEO_TS or HVDVD_TS), see

Incremental Builds

for details on the dialog

that appears.

Note: You cannot build an SD project in a folder that already contains an HVDVD_TS
folder, and you cannot build an HD project in a folder that already contains a VIDEO_TS


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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The Log tab also appears, automatically switching to display the build results. The tab
shows details on the build’s progress, as well as messages about any errors that occur.