DVD Studio Pro - UDF 1.02 Volume

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UDF 1.02 Volume

All SD DVDs using red laser media have a UDF 1.02 volume. The UDF volume always
supports long (up to 255 characters) Unicode filenames. Unicode is a double-byte system
allowing far more characters than the standard ASCII (single-byte) system. This is very
useful when you want to use Japanese characters, for example. It also supports folders
with extensions. Note that some operating systems prohibit the use of certain characters
( \ / ? : “ < > | ) in filenames. Standalone DVD players use the UDF volume to begin playing
a disc, but only to locate the first files. They never go beyond the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS
directories. Macintosh computers using Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X use the UDF volume.


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