DVD Studio Pro - Joliet Volume

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Joliet Volume

Once you have selected the DVD-ROM Content checkbox, the Joliet Extension Support
checkbox becomes active.


The Joliet Extension Support checkbox is only applicable when writing to red

laser media. It has no effect when writing to blue laser media.

Selecting the Joliet Extension Support checkbox forces the creation of the Joliet volume.
This volume supports long Unicode filenames, just like the UDF volume, but has a limit
of 110 characters. Folders with extensions are also supported. Filenames longer than 110
characters are automatically truncated. When not selected, the Joliet volume is not created.

Note: In rare cases, enabling the Joliet Extension Support checkbox and adding a number
of files with extended character set names to the disc may create playback problems on
some older DVD players. Select it only if you need to include such files and can test the
disc on your intended players.