DVD Studio Pro - Setting the Dual-Layer Direction

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Setting the Dual-Layer Direction

The disc’s first layer always starts on the inside edge, near the disc’s spindle hole. The disc
plays from this point toward the outer edge.


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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It is the second layer’s direction that you have to choose. With the Parallel Track Path
(PTP) setting, the second layer is configured exactly like the first layer—it begins on the
inside and plays toward the outside. With the Opposite Track Path (OTP) setting, the
second layer begins on the outside edge and plays toward the inside.

Note: Double-layer discs require you to use the OTP setting.

With the PTP setting, the DVD player will need more time when switching between layers
because the laser must be repositioned from one end of the disc to the other. Using the
OTP setting minimizes the time needed to reposition the laser because the end of the
first layer is near the beginning of the second layer.


When using the OTP setting, the first layer must be larger than the second