DVD Studio Pro - Choosing Seamless or Non-Seamless Layer Changes

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Choosing Seamless or Non-Seamless Layer Changes

DVD Studio Pro includes a setting that allows you to choose between a seamless layer
change or a non-seamless layer change.

With the seamless layer change, the switch between the first and second layer is less
detectable. With the non-seamless layer change, there is a short pause when the DVD
player switches between the layers.

While the seamless layer change would appear to be the best choice, some DVD players
do not support the seamless feature, and may stop playing the disc once the switch point
is reached. For that reason, it is strongly suggested that you use the default non-seamless
layer change setting

To change the layer change setting


Click the Disc/Volume tab in the Disc Inspector.


Do one of the following:

To use the normal layer change setting: Leave the Seamless checkbox deselected.

To force a non-standard seamless layer change setting: Select the Seamless checkbox.