DVD Studio Pro - About Choosing a Dual-Layer Break Point

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About Choosing a Dual-Layer Break Point

Several factors need to be taken into account when you choose where to place the
dual-layer break point:

Break points must be on track markers: When you choose the break point, you get a list

of track markers to choose from. In some circumstances, you may need to place a
marker on a track just for this purpose. See

Setting the Dual-Layer Break Point

for more


Note: In some special cases, you can set your dual-layer break point in the DVD-ROM
area. See

Setting the Break Point with Large DVD-ROM Contents

for more information.

Break points need to be placed so that the first layer is mostly filled: A red laser dual-layer

disc can hold 7.95 binary gigabytes and a blue laser dual-layer disc can hold 27.94
binary gigabytes. (See

Making Sure Your Content Will Fit

for information on disc sizes

and DVDs.) Each red laser disc layer can hold approximately 3.9 binary gigabytes, and
each blue laser disc layer can hold approximately 13.9 binary gigabytes. The closer your
project comes to filling the disc, the more critical it is that you get as much content as
possible on the first layer, and place the break point accordingly. Additionally, using
the OTP direction setting requires the first layer to be larger than the second layer. See

Manually Determining the Break Point Position

for information on determining at which

track the first layer will be filled.

Break points are best when they are not noticed: A layer switch that occurs during a tense

action-packed scene can disrupt the viewer’s attention. When possible, it is best to
place the break point in a scene with little action, or even better, at a scene transition,
such as a fade to black.


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