DVD Studio Pro - About Dual-Layer Discs

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About Dual-Layer Discs

Dual-layer discs present several challenges:

You can only fully test the break point if your system can burn to double-layer media: When

you burn a dual-layer project to a double-layer disc using DVD Studio Pro, the break
point, where the DVD player switches from one layer to the other, is placed as it would
be with a replicated disc. See

Emulating Dual-Layer Projects

for more information.

Note: DVD Studio Pro also allows you to burn a dual-layer project to a single-layer disc.
In this case, all of the first layer and as much of the second layer as possible is written
to the disc, with the marker that is used as the break point set to be non-seamless
(unless you have chosen the seamless layer change setting).


Chapter 22

Finishing a Project

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The second layer’s direction must be selected: You need to decide whether to use the

Parallel Track Path (PTP) or Opposite Track Path (OTP) direction. See

Setting the

Dual-Layer Direction

for more information.

A break point must be chosen: The point where the first layer ends and the second

begins can be chosen automatically by DVD Studio Pro, or you can select the track
marker that serves as the break point. See

About Choosing a Dual-Layer Break Point

for more information.

Dual-layer discs allow you to place nearly twice as much content on a single disc side,
but there is a downside to this method: At some point, the DVD player must switch from
reading the first layer to reading the second layer. Switching between layers requires the
player’s laser to refocus and then locate the sector at which to start playing. During this
time, the video image freezes, which may confuse viewers or make them think the disc
is defective.

There are two things you can do to minimize the effect of this switch time: Use the OTP
direction to minimize how long it takes, and choose a break point where a freeze is not
as noticeable. Alternatively, you can choose to use a seamless layer change.