DVD Studio Pro - Changing the Displayed Sources

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Changing the Displayed Sources

There are three groups of sources you can see in the source list: basic, standard, and
advanced. The most fundamental jumps for the selected element are shown in Basic
source view. The most commonly used jumps are shown in the Standard source list. The
Advanced list shows all possible jumps for the selected element.

To change the sources displayed


Select the element you want to work with in the Outline or Graphical tab. For a global
view of all the sources, select the disc in the Outline tab, or click an empty area in the
Graphical tab.


Choose Basic, Standard, or Advanced from the View pop-up menu located just above the
source list.

Choose which sources
are shown.

You can also display all sources, only sources with connections, or only sources without
connections, using the second View pop-up menu.

Use each source’s
connection status to
choose which sources
to display.