DVD Studio Pro - Chapter-to-Chapter Connections

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Chapter-to-Chapter Connections

DVD Studio Pro automatically links the end jump from one marker to the beginning of
the next marker. This allows a track to play seamlessly through the markers. The end jump
for the last marker is not linked to any targets—you must set this yourself using the End
Jump setting.


Chapter 21

Establishing Connections

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Setting Chapter Marker End Jumps

In addition to the limit of 99 chapter markers per track, DVD Studio Pro has a combined
limit of 106 chapter markers and individual chapter end jump settings per track. This is
normally not an issue except in special cases where you decide to set an end jump for
each chapter marker.

If your track has 54 chapter markers, each configured with an end jump, the result is a
combined 108 markers and jump settings. This will cause an error message to appear
when you build the project. Because setting end jumps on chapter markers prevents
the track from playing seamlessly from start to end, you can instead divide the track
into two tracks, each containing a portion of the markers and thus avoid the 106 limit.

For example, you might use chapter markers with end jumps set to “edit” a track into
multiple small clips. If you configure a menu button to jump to a specific chapter marker,
the track starts playing from that point. Once the next marker is reached, the end jump
directs the DVD player back to the menu, resulting in only a small portion of the track

The advantage of this is that you can easily configure a track to play as short clips and
not worry about running into the 99 tracks, stories, and slideshows per project limit.
The disadvantage of this is that you cannot play the track from start to end—as soon
as the first marker that has its end jump set is reached, the player jumps to that setting.

You can accomplish a similar result by creating a story that plays only from one chapter
marker to the next. The disadvantage of doing this is that if you have a lot of these that
you want to configure, you will quickly run into the 99 tracks, stories, and slideshows
per project limit.