DVD Studio Pro - Connection Items

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Connection Items

There are three items involved in making a connection:

• The project element that is the subject of the connection. This can be a menu, track,

slideshow, or the disc in general. The contents of the Connections tab change to match
those that apply to the currently selected element. See

Project Elements

for more


• The source to be connected from. Every menu, track, slideshow, and disc has sources

that you can link from. The more complicated the element, the more sources it will
have (a menu with 12 buttons will have more source connections than a menu with 4
buttons). See


for more information.

• The target to be connected to. Targets include all possible connections for all elements

within your project. Most targets are available to each source. While a source can only
connect to one target, a target can be used by multiple sources. See


for more