DVD Studio Pro - Working with Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro

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Working with Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro

Working with subtitles in DVD Studio Pro involves using the Track Editor, the Subtitle
Inspector, and the Viewer tab.

All subtitles, whether created with text entered in DVD Studio Pro, as individual imported
graphics files, or as a subtitle file containing multiple subtitles, are based on subtitle clips
in one of the 32 subtitle streams. In general, you work with the subtitle clips the same
way you work with audio clips in the Track Editor. You can drag the clips to change their
position and drag their edges to change their length.

The Subtitle Inspector provides the settings you use to configure each of the subtitle
clips. Even the subtitle clips you import as part of a subtitle file can have their settings
modified in the Subtitle Inspector.

The Viewer tab serves the Subtitle Editor function. When you double-click a subtitle clip
in the Track Editor, its playhead jumps to the subtitle clip’s start, with the subtitle appearing
over the track’s video. You can enter and position subtitle text directly in the Viewer tab.
It also contains the tools you use when you create subtitles configured for buttons over


Chapter 19

Creating Subtitles