DVD Studio Pro - Importing a Graphics File

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Importing a Graphics File

There are two approaches you can take to import a graphics file into a subtitle stream:

• Add a subtitle to a stream and import the graphic through the Subtitle Inspector.

• Drag a suitable graphics file directly to a subtitle stream.

In both cases, the graphic uses the normal color settings in the Colors tab in the Subtitle

To import a subtitle graphic using the Subtitle Inspector


Create a subtitle or select a previously created text subtitle. See

Creating a Subtitle Clip



Click Choose in the General tab in the Subtitle Inspector.


In the dialog that appears, select the graphics file to use, then click Open.

The graphic appears in the Viewer tab, using the current settings in the Colors tab.

To import a subtitle graphic by dragging


Locate the graphics file in the Assets tab, the Palette, or a Finder window.


Drag the graphics file to the subtitle stream at the approximate position where it should

A new subtitle is created with the duration and color mapping set in the Colors pane in
DVD Studio Pro Preferences.