DVD Studio Pro - Importing a Subtitle File

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Importing a Subtitle File

Before you import a subtitle file, you will usually have the video asset it relates to in place
in the V1 stream. It is also a good idea to have the subtitle preferences configured before
importing a subtitle file. Unless the subtitle file specifically overrides them, these preference
settings will apply to all subtitles that are imported.

To import a subtitle file
Do one of the following:


Control-click in the subtitle stream to import the subtitles into, then choose Import Subtitle
File from the shortcut menu.


Select an existing subtitle clip in the stream, then click Import Subtitles in the Subtitle


Importing a subtitle file deletes any subtitle clips in that stream that might

already be present.

In both cases, a file selection dialog appears for you to choose the file to import. After
you choose the file, a dialog appears stating how many subtitles were imported, and the
subtitle stream shows clips for each subtitle.