DVD Studio Pro - Setting the Subtitle Font

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Setting the Subtitle Font

You can set the font attributes either before or after you type subtitle text.

To set the font attributes


To open the Fonts window, do one of the following:

• Choose Format > Font > Show Fonts (or press Command-T).

• Click Show Fonts in the toolbar.


Chapter 19

Creating Subtitles

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The Mac OS X Fonts window opens.


If you’re making changes to existing text, select the text in the Subtitle Editor by dragging
across it.


In the Fonts window, select the font family and the typeface style to use. The list of
available fonts and styles is based on fonts currently installed on your system.


Either select a size in the Size column (use the slider to scroll through the list) or select
the existing size and enter the new value, then press the Return key.

Note: If you open a DVD Studio Pro project that uses a font that is not on the computer
you are opening it on (either because the font was deleted or the project was created
on a different computer), any items using the missing font have a different font substituted
with no warning.

To help make the font list manageable, you can assign fonts to collections, creating
groupings of similar fonts. This makes it easy to get to a specific font type, such as script
or serif. For more information, see Mac OS X Help.