DVD Studio Pro - How Do Buttons over Video Work?

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How Do Buttons over Video Work?

DVD Studio Pro uses subtitles at specially configured markers to provide the buttons over
video feature. You configure the buttons exactly as if you were configuring a standard
menu using advanced overlays: You create each button’s active area, assign its connection,
set the button navigation (if you use more than one button), and set up the color mapping
for the highlights.

Each subtitle containing buttons over video is tied to a marker. You must create a marker
at the point where the subtitle should appear, and another where it should disappear.
You can mix standard subtitles in the same stream as button over video subtitles.

You can only view one subtitle stream at a time. Because the buttons over video feature
uses a subtitle stream, you effectively disable the normal usage of subtitles on the title
while the buttons over video stream is selected. (Although a subtitle clip can have both
buttons and subtitle text, often the buttons need to appear longer than normal dialogue
text.) In most cases, you would configure the title so that the viewer decides whether to
enable buttons over video by selecting a button on a menu. When selected, the subtitle
stream that contains the buttons is usually configured to be forced to display so that the
viewer does not inadvertently turn it off.


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