DVD Studio Pro - Using a Group of Graphics Files

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Using a Group of Graphics Files

When you use a group of graphics files for the subtitles, each file provides the graphic
for one subtitle. A master file provides a list of timecode values for the start and end of
each subtitle, along with the name of the graphics file to use for each subtitle.

An advantage of this subtitle method is that the graphics files do not need to actually
contain text. This method is useful if you want to include graphics elements along with
the text, such as a logo. This also means that the DVD Studio Pro system is not required
to have the same fonts you used to create the subtitle graphics.

A disadvantage of this method is that you have to manage a folder with a lot of large
graphics files, as compared to the single file method with its single small file.

The graphics files follow the same guidelines as overlay files. See

Creating Overlays


more information.