DVD Studio Pro - Creating and Importing Subtitle Files

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Creating and Importing Subtitle Files

Often you may want to create your subtitles outside of DVD Studio Pro. There can be
several reasons for this:

To use a facility that specializes in creating subtitles and closed captions: This can be

especially important if you are including subtitles in multiple languages.

To free up your DVD Studio Pro system: Typing a lot of subtitles takes a significant amount

of time, especially if you are using multiple languages. This is often a task that can be
started well before you start authoring the project.

To be able to spell-check the text: Creating the subtitle text with a text-editing program

gives you the ability to take advantage of its spell-checking capabilities.

There are two approaches used to create subtitle files for import into DVD Studio Pro:
Use a single file with the text embedded in it or use a group of graphics files, one for
each subtitle, with a master file that controls which files appear at which time.

In both cases, the subtitle files can be opened with a text-editing program such as TextEdit.
This makes it easy to verify the file’s settings and make any necessary modifications. Be
sure to save the file in a plain text format if you do make any changes.