DVD Studio Pro - Setting the Transition Parameters

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Setting the Transition Parameters

The Transition tabs in the Slideshow and Slide Inspectors are identical—the only difference
is that the Type pop-up menu in the Slide Inspector has a “Same as Slideshow“ choice
that the Slideshow Inspector does not have.

Start thumbnail: Shows the video frame that a still transition will start from.

Transition thumbnail: Provides a preview of a still transition when you click the Preview


End thumbnail: Shows the video frame that a still transition will end with. This thumbnail

is empty in the Slideshow Inspector.

Transition: Choose the type of transition to use. In the Slideshow Inspector, this sets

the default transition for this slideshow, which you can override at each slide.

not set: Disables transitions for this slideshow or slide. (Even with “not set” chosen

for the slideshow, you can set transitions at each slide.)


Chapter 18

Creating Slideshows

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Still Transition: Creates a transition clip based on the chosen transition and its related


Same as Slideshow: Only available in the Slide Inspector. Sets the current slide to use

the transition settings in the Slideshow Inspector.

Preview: Click this to preview the current transition in the Transition thumbnail area.

Parameters: Contains the parameters for the current transition. Each transition has its

own set of parameters.