DVD Studio Pro - Duplicating the Last Slide

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Duplicating the Last Slide

Duplicating the last slide in a slideshow allows you to create a “false ending” for the
slideshow, and avoid the pause issue.

To duplicate and configure the last slide in a slideshow


In the Slideshow Editor, determine the asset name of the last slide and drag that slide’s
asset from the Assets tab to the next slide location.


Select the new last slide in the Slideshow Editor and set its duration to 15 frames by
double-clicking its duration value, entering 15, then pressing Return.

Note: For PAL projects, you can use a 12 frame duration.


Make sure the last slide’s Pause checkbox is not selected.

When you play this version of the slideshow and press the Next button on the last slide
with a pause, it jumps to the new last slide and then to the End Jump setting.