DVD Studio Pro - Converting a Slideshow to a Track

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Converting a Slideshow to a Track

You may want to add several features to your slideshow that the Slideshow Editor does
not support. These include:

• Subtitles

• Alternate language streams

• The ability to combine moving video with the slides

To get access to these features, you can convert your slideshow to a track. Once converted
to a track, what was previously a slideshow is now a track, and must be edited in the
Track Editor.

Note: Once you convert a slideshow to a track, you cannot convert it back. You can use
the Undo feature or create a duplicate of the slideshow before you convert it to a track.
If you do create a duplicate of the slideshow, be sure to delete the duplicate before you
build your project.

To convert a slideshow to a track


In the Outline tab, Control-click the slideshow’s name, then choose Duplicate from the
shortcut menu.

An identical copy of the slideshow is created in case you need it later. You should delete
this copy when you are sure that it is no longer needed.


Choose the original slideshow in the Slideshow Editor.


Do one of the following:

• Choose Project > Slideshow > Convert to Track.

• Click Convert To Track in the Slideshow Editor.


Chapter 18

Creating Slideshows

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The slideshow is deleted and a new track is created using the slideshow’s name.

Click Convert To Track
to create a track from
the selected slideshow.

The new track has a marker at each slide, each named with the slide’s filename. Each slide
retains its duration and pause setting. If audio files were assigned, they are also present
in the track.

Note: If a slide has a transition, a cell marker is placed at the beginning of the transition.
If the slide has pause selected, this marker is set to pause.