DVD Studio Pro - General Tab in the Slide Inspector

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General Tab in the Slide Inspector

Following are the settings in the General tab of the Slide Inspector.

Slide Duration: Displays the duration of the selected slide. You can enter a new duration

or choose a duration from the pop-up menu.

Manual Advance: Determines whether the slideshow pauses (checkbox selected) or

continues playing to the next slide (checkbox not selected).

Audio File: Displays the name of the audio asset assigned to this slide. You can use this

pop-up menu to choose from the audio assets already imported into this project.


All audio files within a slideshow must have the same format, resolution,

and bit rate.

DVD@CCESS: Select this checkbox for titles played on a computer if you need to open

an application such as a web browser to view special content when the slide starts
playing. See


for information on DVD@CCESS.