DVD Studio Pro - SPRM 3: Current Angle Number

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SPRM 3: Current Angle Number

Similar to SPRM 1, the DVD specification allows for up to nine multi-angle MPEG video
streams. This SPRM lists the current stream being played or the last one selected by the

The value range for this SPRM is 1 through 9, where 1 is the first stream and 9 is the last
stream (the value does not start at 0 as with SPRMs 1 and 2). If there is only one angle,
the default value is 1.

Knowing which multi-angle stream was last selected or played is very useful when
determining which button to highlight when jumping to a menu where multi-angle
streams are selected. This is especially important if the viewer is allowed to change the
multi-angle stream while viewing the movie.