DVD Studio Pro - About Scripting Commands

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About Scripting Commands

You can choose from ten scripting commands when building your script. Each scripting
command has its own set of controls that fit the command’s function. Each script can
contain up to 124 commands, or operations. Depending on how you configure the
scripting command, it might use up to 16 of the 124 commands. The top of the Script
Inspector shows the number of commands used and available. A dialog appears to warn
you if you create a script with too many commands, and the Script Inspector shows the
commands used and available values in red, with a negative number for the Commands
Remaining value.

Each scripting command creates a command line that appears in the Script Editor. You
are provided with a variety of tools to rearrange the order of the command lines in the
script, which is important because the command lines are executed in order (though it
is possible for a command line to jump to any other command line in the script).