DVD Studio Pro - Canceling the Play All Script

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Canceling the Play All Script

The script required to cancel the Play All script is almost identical to the Play All script—the
differences are that you set GPRM 0 to “0” instead of “1,” and the jump target is set to
match what the button would have jumped to.

For example, if the menu with the Play All button also has buttons for each individual
track (“Ocean,” “Beach,” “Trail,” and “Shopping”), you will need to create a unique script
for each of these buttons that sets GPRM 0 to “0” and then jumps to the button’s track.

Use the steps in

The Play All Script

to create these scripts, with the following modifications:

• Name the scripts “Ocean Play,” “Beach Play,” and so on in step 3.

• Enter 0 as the Source Value in step 6.

• Configure the jump command in step 9 exactly as listed for the Ocean track. The scripts

for the other three tracks only need this step changed, with each configured to jump
their track.

Once the four scripts have been created, you link them to the menu buttons.