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But What If...

When you create scripts that store a status in a GPRM, such as the Play All script, you need
to plan for Viewer actions that are outside of the script’s intentions. In this case, these
scripts will work exactly as intended most of the time. An exception is if the viewer decides
not to let the Play All process finish. The viewer might press the Menu button on the
remote control while the Play All process is active and then choose a specific track to
watch by selecting its button in the menu. Because the value in GPRM 0 is still “1,” once
that track finishes playing and runs its Track End script, it will see that GPRM 0 is “1” and
jump to the next track instead of back to the menu.

In other words, the only way to really stop the Play All process and reset GPRM 0 to “0”
with the previous scripts is to let the process play to the end. There are a couple of ways
to handle this:

Force the viewer to watch to the end: You can disable the Menu and Title buttons on

the remote control. This may be appropriate for training videos with mandatory viewing.

Remote Control Settings

for more information.

Add scripts to the other menu buttons that reset GPRM 0 to “0”: This way, if the viewer

chooses to play one of the tracks on its own, the Play All process will be canceled and,
once the track finishes playing, the DVD will jump back to the menu. See


the Play All Script

for more information.