DVD Studio Pro - Jumping to a Menu’s Loop Point

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Jumping to a Menu’s Loop Point

For this script, the project has a motion menu that has a loop point set, and you want to
be able to have other elements jump directly to the loop point, bypassing the first part
of the menu’s video.

For this script, you’ll call the menu Main Menu.

To create a Jump to Loop Point script


Do one of the following:

• Choose Project > Add to Project > Script, or press Command–Single Quote (’).

• Click Add Script in the toolbar.


Double-click the new script in the Outline or Graphical tab.

The Script Editor opens and the Script Inspector appears.


In the Inspector, name the script

Jump to Loop Point



In the Script Editor, select the first command line (Nop).

The Script Command Inspector appears.


In the Script Command Inspector, choose Jump as the command.


Choose Menus > Main Menu > [Menu] from the Jump To pop-up menu.


Select the Start At Loop Point checkbox.

You can use this script anyplace where you might normally jump to the Main Menu. For
example, you could set a track’s End Jump to run this script—when the track finishes
playing, it jumps to the Main Menu’s loop point.