DVD Studio Pro - Set System Stream Command

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Set System Stream Command

The set system stream command provides an easy way to set the audio, subtitle, and
video angle streams. You can choose to enable one, two, or all of the three streams. In
the case of the subtitle stream, you also choose whether or not it appears.

You choose between two modes to set the stream values:

Immediate Value: Choose the streams directly using their pop-up menus. (Pop-up menu

values that say “not set” indicate that no assets are currently assigned to that stream.)

GPRM Based: Choose a GPRM register from each stream’s pop-up menu.

Note: You can only choose 16-bit GPRM registers.

To configure the set system stream command


In the Script Command Inspector, select either the Immediate Value or GPRM Based
modes for stream selection by clicking the appropriate button.


Select the streams you want to control by clicking their checkboxes.


Chapter 20

Creating Scripts

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For each stream you select, use the pop-up menu to choose the stream (Immediate mode)
or GPRM register (GPRM mode).


If you select the subtitle stream, select the View checkbox to force the subtitle to appear.